Offset and Backspace calculation




Almost all Minilite Wheels are cast as blanks and we are able to machine a variety of PCD’s (stud/bolt patterns) and offsets.

The offset is calculated from the centre line of the wheel to the back face of the wheel; a backface in line with the centre of the wheel is zero offset. If the backface is forward of this line towards the front of the wheel it is a positive offset and toward the rear of the wheel from the centre line is a negative offset. Offset can be calculated using the backspace (‘C’ dimension in the following diagram):

Click here for a downloadable PDF Minilite Magstyle Offset Table

Please note: This will calculate the backspace from an offset, but not the reverse. The wheel width to enter is the nominal, see the 'A' dimension diagram to the left.



Wheel Width Offset (ET) Back Space
 inches   mm    inches    mm 

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