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Supplying a full range of Genuine Minilite Wheels in North America.


We are an authorized distributor of the Genuine Minilite Wheel, still custom made in England.


The original Minilite wheel, made in magnesium, was probably the most successful competition wheel in the 1960's and 70's, winning races and rallies on a variety of different cars. Now the same wheel is being produced in an affordable aluminium alloy to that original design. Manufactured in the UK, Tech Del Minilite wheels are low pressure die cast, pressure tested, batch x-rayed and machined using the latest computer controlled equipment.


Often imitated, there is only one authentic MINILITE wheel.


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Re-introducing EV 2000 16x7 in stock for BMW Mini, Miata and Modern VW (Available to order for all other brands)


Now Available: Minilite MagStyle 16x7, 16x8, and 16x9

The authentic look of the 60's, manufactured using modern technology, ensures our product is the only choice for the serious Competition and Classic Car Enthusiast.


Although Minilite wheels were originally designed for racing and rallying, their good looks ensured that they were soon seen on road cars as well. Available for a wide range of historic and classic cars, style is never out of fashion.


The authentic look of the 60's, manufactured using modern technology, ensures our product is the only choice for the serious Competition and Classic Car Enthusiast.


Since Minilite first designed and introduced the 8-spoke alloy wheel in the early 1960s, production has firmly remained in England. The Factory is located on the west side of the city of Telford, about an hour west of Birmingham. There are absolutely no plans ever to move production to China!

Almost all Minilite wheels are custom made, one set at a time to order, so the cost includes custom offsets (within the ranges available in each casting).

Minilites are finished with three layers of powder-coat (primer, colour, and protective clear-coat).

Centre-lock (knock-off) hub adaptors to allow replacement of wire-wheels, and the Lotus peg-drive, are extra-cost options.

Highlight (diamond-tool cut) rims, and a small range of optional colours, are also available at a modest additional cost.

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