Minilite Styles

Mag Style

The Minilite Mag Style wheels are made in small batches to the original designs, with the only notable change being material - they are now low pressure die cast in an affordable Aluminum alloy rather than the traditional Magnesium.

This design has spawned a host of imitations; however, if you want the authentic Minilite look, there is only one genuine Minilite wheel.

8x15 Minilite Mag Style wheel

8x15 Minilite Mag Style wheel

EV2000 - Currently out of production - limited spares available

The Minilite EV2000 wheels were introduced at the turn of the milenium to accommodate modern cars which typically require higher offsets. As the name suggests, the EV2000 wheel is an evolution of the original, incorporating the well proven 8-spoke design.

Like the Mag Style wheels, the EV2000 were aimed primarily at the competition market but quickly became popular for street use.

7x16 Minilite EV2000 wheel

7x16 Minilite EV2000 wheel

Minilite Wheels USA holds an inventory of popular sizes with reachback arrangements to the manufacturer for niche applications and custom requests. Features that can be customized include:

  • Offset, within the ranges available in each casting

  • Bolt pattern (including Lotus peg-drive option) or use of center-lock (knock-off) hub adapters to allow replacement of wire-wheels

  • ‘Highlight’ polished lip on the rims, cut using a diamond-tip tool

  • Color - standard finish is silver-all-over, but wheels can also be finished in gold, satin/matte black, gloss black, anthracite, red, yellow, Olympic blue, Monza blue and Gulf orange.