All Minilite wheels are low-pressure die cast, heat-treated, pressure tested, batch x-rayed and then machined using the latest computer-controlled equipment, before being finished with a three-layer of powder coat (primer, color, and protective clear-coat).

Machining activities include setting the bolt pattern and the offset; the current range of sizes and offsets are captured in the following table:

Offset is typically a measurement that causes confusion… the offset is calculated as the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the backface of the hub:

  • A backface in line with the center of the wheel has zero offset.

  • If the backface is away from the centerline towards the front of the wheel it has a positive offset.

  • If the backface is away from the centerline towards the back of the wheel it has a negative offset.

Offset can be calculated simply by subtracting half of the total wheel width from the backspace:

  • total wheel width is the distance from outer edge to outer edge (not the stated wheel width, which is measured from bead seat to bead seat)

  • Backspace is the distance from the rear outer edge to the mounting face of the wheel hub



Wheel Width Offset (ET) Back Space
 inches   mm    inches    mm 

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